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Guide Against Clandestine Movement

To all Unification
June 10, 2020

This is to bring to your notice that a group of people under the guise of National Graduate Forum is making a Clandestine Movement into the Cherubim and Seraphim Church Unification Campus Fellowship.
The ultimate intent of this group of people is to destabilize the Church.

It should be stated for emphasis that these group of people who instigated the1994/95 crisis that almost exterminated the church is at it again. Then, they published publications that pronounced the end of Unification and took steps to change the church to another thing.

God revived the church from their planned destruction through some other men of God led by the present Chairman of Council of Elders.

The same failed group of 1994 is trying to stage coming back to the church, possibly to finish the destructive job left unfinished. They have formed new groups and opened several modes of communication to peddle misinformation and cause confusion and disaffection in the Church. We all must resist them.

On this note, all Chapter Presidents, Graduate members and indeed all Unificationists are by this notice, be aware and guide and monitor their chapters closely to ward off any infiltration.

To this end, no group of individual other than CEC members, State Coordinators or Zonal Supervisors to visit or address any chapter.

Chapters are therefore directed to refer all matters to the CEC and obtain permission from CEC through Supervisors before inviting any facilitator.

We will continue to update you as events unfold.

Thank you, please.

Pastor Aringbangba Joseph
Apostolate and Chairman, CEC
+234 8028554541