LENTEN DAY 7 The touch of Faith

*LENTEN DAY 7* *The touch of Faith* Mark 5:25-34. As explained previously, once the woman with the issue of blood crawled through the crowd and touched Jesus clothe, the fountain of blood dried up and she felt it in her body that she was healed of the plague. It means *WHEN THIS WOMAN TOUCHED JESUS CLOTHE THE HEALING POWER OF GOD WAS RELEASED FROM HIS BODY INTO HER BODY, STEEMING HER FLOW OF BLOOD.* After Jesus felt the power of God leave His body. He turned to ask who touched me, the disciples wondered how Jesus will asked such question at a time when there were many people touching Him. This suggests that it's not all that touches Jesus that will experience the power of God because as mentioned earlier many people touched Him without being impacted by the power of God. The differences between the touch of this woman and others is *THE TOUCH OF FAITH*. Hence, He responded thy faith hath healed thee. Is you business bleeding as a result of currency swap or the economy situation of Nigeria. As you stretch your faith in prayers like this woman who stretched to touch the *HELM of His GARMENT*, the power of God will be released into your life to turn your business around. *Hymn K & S 440* 1 IGBAGBỌ mi wo Ọ, Iwọ Ọdaguntan, Olugbala, Jọ, gbọ adura mi, M'ẹsẹ mi gbogbo lọ, K'emi lat'oni lọ, Si jẹ Tirẹ 2. Ki ore-ọfẹ Rẹ, F'ilera f'ọkan mi, Mu mi tara; B'Iwọ ti ku fun mi, A! k'ifẹ mi si Ọ, K'o ma gbona titi! B'ina iye. 3. 'Gba mo n rin l'okunkun, Ninu ibinujẹ; S'amọna mi; M'okunkun lọ loni, Pa 'banujẹ mi rẹ, Kin ma sako kuro, Ni ọdọ Rẹ. Amin. 1. MY faith looks up to Thee Thou Lamb of Calvary Saviour divine: Now hear me while I pray Take all my guilt away Oh let me from this day Be wholly Thine. 2. May Thy rich grace impart Strength to my fainting heart My zeal inspire As Thou has died for me Oh may my love to Thee Pure, warm, and changeless be A Living fire. 3. While life's dark maze I tread And grieves around me spread Be Thou my Guide Bid darkness turn today Wipe sorrow's tears away Nor let me ever stray From Thee aside. Amen. *Prayer Points* ● Elohim stretch my faith to touch you so that your power can be released over my life ● Let your power put an end to the fountain of bleeding in every areas of my life ● Mo fowo mi kan Jesu, ki shoro mi folo......ojumo ireee ooooo