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Moses Orimolade Initiated African Church

CEC Christmas Greeting

Dec 22, 2020


The idea of establishment of C&S Church on campuses was conceived in 1979 and fulfilled in 1980. Special Apostle Prophet Elijah Akinrele and Special Apostle Prophet Gabriel Olubunmi Fakeye were given the mandate by 1979 Kaduna Conference of Cherubim and Seraphim to establish Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Institutions of Higher Learning in Nigeria. The duo invited other two people to see to the birth of what we now know as Unification.

Having established the Church, Special Apostle Prophet Gabriel Olubunmi Fakeye invited Pastor Michael Olusegun Rufai who was the head of Palmwine Club to head to head the new Church. Pastor Rufai graduated in May/June 1980 and Brother Kayode Coker was appointed as the President.

Having realized that the Church had been granded, Baba Fakeye and his cohort handed over the Church to students to manage. Praise and Thanksgiving to God for all things especially for the establishment of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Unification.

At establishment, the Church stands for Salvation of all, Oneness and unity of the C&S Church, Discovering of Talents and enablement for growth, Raising members to excel and occupy leadership roles spiritually and in all aspects of life and Creating bond of friendship


In 1994, Pastor M.O. Rufai who was the head of the Church decided to change the tenet of faith of the Church and change the name of the Church to Zion Mission Outreach which was the name of his personal Church in Lagos. By implication, he wanted to change the Church to his personal belonging.

This move was Primarily to satisfy the personal ambition of the person trusted with leadership. In an effort to achieve his ambition, he pronounced the end of Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Institutions of Higher Learning and strongly determined to transform the Church to his personal property. He employed the use of revelation and other means to cajole people with the aim fulfilling his heart desire. In fact, he wanted to force the Church into his misadventure clothed in God’s new direction for the Church.

To say that the Church was badly hit is an understatement, some Fellowships almost went under, relationships broken and many decided to stay away. Though he did not succeed in putting an end to the Church, yet he succeeded in dividing the church into two in some chapters like Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Ibadan where we had both C & S Unification and Zion Mission Outreach.

Except for the grace of God and resistance and determination of the Church to remain one, the damages would have been irredeemable. Just like the word of St Matthew 13:30, the two grew together for a while. Shortly after the crisis, the Zion Mission Outreach went into extinction possibly his capacity as well as his revelation could not sustain it (Proverb 19:21). Most of his followers were confused and they could not return to C & S Church but decided to join other denomination. Example is Alagba Odeyemi who is now a Pastor in Redeem Christian Church Christ.


While coming out of the, Unification made many giant strides-Restructuring, legally recognized with a new Constitution, structure and modus operadi. For instance, the new constitution does not make provision for someone to be head of the Church for life. The new system is like a fertilizer that catalyzed the development of the Church from 16 Chapters in 1993 to 87 Chapters we have today.

The present system is adequately recognized by law by the reason of its registration with C.A.C., hence it cannot be personalized. The structure is working peacefully with cohesion, oneness and successful changes of leadership.


The past few months, the then leader that orchestrated and actualized the turbulence of 25 years ago indicated his interest to be part of administration of the Church. He still has the said revelation and cajoling as his tools. Part of the cajoling style is an attempt to make people believe that Unification is headed by a denomination of C & S Church. Attempt has been made to blackmail the leaders (Like Alagba Seyi Coke and Alagba Kehinde Sowemimo) that wrestled Unification from their destruction.

While the Church is still looking at his move, Pastor Rufai together with 1 or 2 misguided elements took action which clearly revealed their intention; to complete their intended destabilization and disintegration of the Church. Alagba Odeyemi, who could not remain in the Zion Mission Outreach but ran to get shield in Redeem Christian Church of Christ, are forming alliance to foment another crisis.


Brethren, at this juncture, our reaction should be spiritual indignation to all that is evil and ungodly. Note that if their intention was of the Lord their own division called Zion Mission Outreach would not have died prematurely.

We should all remember that Unification is our commonwealth, common inheritance-altogether, so we must stop them and protect our Church.

A war of definite resistance is declared at all fronts. We should be doing all that is spiritually appropriate, legal and legitimate. That is, we be Prayerful and watchful. We should not attend any of their gatherings; remember how their disciples of 1994 ended their C & S journey.

Whenever you are interacting with any of them, tell them that;

They should go and revive the Zion Mission Outreach in Institutions of Higher Learning that died under their watch;

They should go and convert their current church to Cherubim and Seraphim Church as they attempted to change C & S Church to their preferred denomination. They should reexamine their revelation that has failed them once.

We are not ready to expose our dear Church to their unguided and misguided ambition. We cannot once again subject the Church as prey to their predator for the second time.

We should also ask them pertinent questions like;

  • If you have left a place 25 year ago should you not have come in peace? Should you not seek understanding of the present situation before prescribing medicine for non-existing illness?
  • Why would you call meetings with hidden Agenda, asking matured minds to leave their houses for a meeting which purpose you cannot publicly declare? Should the entire Church ape them in blind fellowship?; granted that everyone has the right to follow whoever they wish, should they force anyone? and why should entire Church follow a leader who left in crisis and returning 25 years after with baggage full of crisis?

  • In Conclusion, at every levels and platforms, let all Unificationists understand that it is the stability, peace and cohesion that God has given us that this people want to destroy and that we all individually and collectively must as a matter of duty be instruments of resistance to their ungodly and misguided intentions.

  • They shall prosper who seek our Unification
  • Pastor Aringbangba Joseph
    Apostolate and Chairman, CEC
    +234 8028554541