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Moses Orimolade Initiated African Church

40th Anniversary Greeting

CEC, Chairman/Apostolate
April 1, 2020

The Cherubim and Seraphim Church Unification Campus Fellowship remains an assembly of Cherubim and Seraphim youths in institutions of higher learning (Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnic and Colleges of Education) in Nigeria and beyond, worshiping together as united Seraphs.

I, on behalf of the Central Executive Council, have the pleasure of the Lord God Almighty to congratulate every member of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Unification Campus Fellowship that has the special grace to be part of the celebration of our 40th Annual International Anniversary/Convention, The convention is tagged Our Advocate and themed The way and the truth.. John 14 vs 6.

May I refresh our memory that the Convention Programmes kick started with investiture of distinguish ambassadors of the church’s 40th Anniversary, that commenced on 16th February, 2020 and this singular program (investiture) is yet to be concluded.

It has taken us from Lagos State, to Osun State and Federal Capital Territory. Honestly, we still have more other programmes planned for celebration of the wonderful convention.

Though, the planned grand finale of the Isokan @40 in which all members are slated to congregate together and rejoice from Monday, 27th April to Sunday (today), 3rd May, 2020 has been postponed because of the global health and societal emergency of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that tried to shut down the whole universe. By implication, the celebration continues until further notice.

In the process of the continual anniversary festival, I beseech you all, individuals and groups, to set aside, at least, Fifteen (15) Minutes daily to rejoice and praise the Lord who has brought our great Church to this lofty height in glory. This Praise Moment can include songs and thanksgiving prayers. For His mercy endures forever.

It was like a miracle when God commissioned His Apostles to establish Cherubim and Seraphim Church on Campus in University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University [O.A.U.]) on 19th March, 1980. Before then, members of Cherubim and Seraphim Church that gained admission into higher institutions hardly graduated as Seraph because they would have joined other available denominations on campus.

The Lord that solved this riddle should be adored He makes the Church spread from O.A.U. to eighty-eight (88) institutions of higher learning as we have today and the growth still continues. Hallelujah!

The 1994/95 major crisis in which the then leader annihilated the Church by declaring that it was no longer C&S organization. He did not only come up with publication titled behold, here comes the end of Unification, he also expended all his resources to make sure that there was no white garment church in institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.

Just like the way God raised Moses to rescue Israelites out of Egypt, He raised His armies up to salvage, resuscitate and regenerate the Church. The Armies, among others, include, Special Apostle Sunday Funso Korode, Most Special Apostle Prophet Oluseyi Coker, Special Apostle Kehinde Showemimo, Senior Apostle Harrison Adeniyi, Evangelist Duro Soetan, Pastor Olajide Atansuyi and many others.
Let us exhort the God that save His church from the deadly storm.

Brethren, we cannot thank our Lord enough! How do we explain the power that made armed robbers run away before us in a mid-night when we were coming from a program in the Northern part of the country. (Watch out for more of hallmark miracles/testimonies on the Church at the grand finale of the Convention).

I cannot close my eyes to the fact that the world is in shock and dreadful situation imposed by emergence of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) now. Consequently, the socio-cultural structure of our societies has been tampered with and safe water, sanitation as well as hygienic situation of human across the globe have been programmed to be enhanced with the view of protecting human health during the outbreaks of COVID-19. The leadership of this Church encourages everybody to adopt the contemporary safe life style.

As a matter of necessity, the current dynamics requires you to foster your relationship with God and rejig your fellowship with Him. I have the privilege to assure you that your Advocate, Jesus Christ, never tired of pleading your case as He never lose interest in you because He is still bearing your burdens on His heart. Christ is not only your lawyer but also your substitution and satisfaction.

Therefore, grow your faith in Him and make your interaction with Him active always through dialogue two-way communication which involves talking to Him via your ceaseless prayers and listening to Him by studying your Bible. As we pray for ourselves, we should not forget to pray for our Church, State and Nation. Thence, we will have the grace to congregate again and celebrate God on our land for Isokan @40 in a grand style.

Kindly be reminded that our Bible Study Manual for 2019 session expires today. Thus, the soft copy of the manual for ten (10) weeks will be made available through our various platforms on or before Saturday, 9th May, 2020. The manual is the tool to be adopted in all our Bible Study Classes, either on social media or during physical assembly.

Moreover, the leadership of this Church also admonishes that, as we continue in our daily Praise Moment in honour of our 40th Anniversary, nobody should rely on the present global condition to keep himself or herself idle. We should invest our time and other resources within our possession (like Social Media/internet apparatus) in personal development that is capable of increasing our values in the contemporary human resources or consultancy market. We should always remember that our talents require skill for us to be professionals that can actualize the development awaited by our great Church and Nation.

Brethren, while we have all the afore mentioned in mind, I commit you, all, into the perfect hands of God who is never weary to remain your helper. John 14:16.

Thank you and God bless.

Pastor Aringbangba Joseph
Apostolate and Chairman, CEC
+234 8028554541