Isokan Campus Stories
Moses Orimolade Initiated African Church

Good Friday Greeting

CEC, Chairman/Apostolate
April 1, 2020

Calvary greetings to all members of this great Church and all Christians in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am pleased, on behalf of Central Executive Council, to say happy Good Friday to you, home and abroad. I am not unaware that Schools, Churches etc have been closed down, citizens activities are being restricted and to get a daily bread is becoming more difficult and challenging.

Infact, the world is being shut down by the emergence of COVID-19 and most people seem to be confused, disturbed and apprehensive. Yet, I have the confident in the Lord to tell you that all is good for you, your family and our nation as well as all our respective dwelling places.

Likewise, the goodness in today’s Good Friday is paradoxical in nature. The crucifixion of Christ on the cross which was preceded by serious beaten and tortured is being celebrated today (Luke 22:23). The crushing weight of the cross and that of our sins made Him fall when He walked on the path of human misery and suffering.

So, the dark and bleak events on the Friday made it looked bad and terrible. On the other hand, God poured out His wrath of our sins on Jesus for us to enjoy forgiveness of sins and salvation.

Also, His crucifixion and death signify the greatest victory over evil and God's plan to release us from oppression (Galatians 3:13). You will agree with me that the Good Friday in which the crucifixion is being commemorated is a good one.

Brethren, I urge you not to be confused or fearful even if the world is, because we are not of the world (John 17:16) and we have a Father who will never fail us. Your immediate response to the situation should be Christian like and hopeful, as we are all planned to come out of it all in joy and huge celebration (Jeremiah 29:11).

In the light of this, it is my believe that the postponement of our 40th Annual International Convention (Isokan@40) tagged Advocate 2020 and themed The Way and The Truth from 27th April, 2020 till further notice is a blessing to us; though the inconvenience that this postponement would cause individuals is highly regretted.

If many shall be made righteous through one man's obedience how much more what will happen to our generations and Nations if we obey God.

You are therefore encouraged to remain hopeful, confident and expectant on the forth-coming kingdom standard convention.

In conclusion, I still have the directive of CEC to urge you to remain fervent in prayer, faith and Bible Study as we are staying at home. Refuse to get bored or fed-up, instead enhance the interaction between you and your Creator as well as between you and your neighbor.

Happy Good Friday and Easter in advance.

Pastor Aringbangba Joseph
Apostolate and Chairman, CEC
+234 8028554541